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HEY! Are you following me?

You wouldn't just leave your kids with a total stranger...and most business owners look at their company just like they look at their kids! Lets walk before we run; unless you are a weird person that likes to let your kids behind the wheel of a car with a total stranger...

There's a whole list of stuff we can do that you just do not have time to learn about.

It’s ok if you do not have time or you’re just not good at marketing in today’s environment. You know, like SEO, Social Media Management, Broadcasting, Content Marketing… you know.


Oh! Good question. Let's play a little game. You click on the person, and we will tell you how they can help you. Ready? Go.


Gives You The Data

Chief Innovation Officer. John is the nerd behind all your data. He’s also REALLY good at making sure we’re as transparent as possible. Probably one of the few people who is comfortable showing the data, even if it’s not good.


Helps Us Help You.

Executive Admin & Project Manager. Ruby is the oil in the engine. She makes sure we all stay on task and have what we need to help you. She literally helps us help you.


Helps Your Content

Data Data and more Data! Laura is our “up and coming” data scientist. She takes all of the data we throw at her and makes heads or tails of it. We are very blessed to have her apart of our team.


Helps Your Leadership

COO. Matt is the boss man. He makes sure you have the resources you need from our team. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Matt is REALLY good at making sure you’re on the right track.


Helps Your Marketing Strategy.

President of all things server related! Roger is a very accomplished Database Administrator and ensures that your websites are up and running 99.99999% of the time. He is also a great Website Designer!


Makes You Look Good.

CTO…No not a Chief Touchdown Officer (even though that would be pretty cool) David is our Chief Technical Officer; which in short means that David is our resident code doctor, Mr. Fix-it, Bob the Builder (shouldn’t that be David the Builder?).


Helps Your Creativity

VP of UI and all Design! Kory is a UI genius and an overall great guy in general. If you are looking for a design that is cutting edge, progressive then Kory is all you need to get your project off the ground.

WE want to help.

That’s the bottom line. And now that you have gotten to virtually know us…I think we should actually talk on the phone or maybe even…get a coffee and discuss your needs Face to Face?!?! We want to be sure you can keep working on your business instead of worrying about it.